Medivatus’ mission is to attract innovation and value in healthcare. We do so by partnering with new and established medical technology suppliers, and by creating cost-effective supply and distribution strategies designed to meet the needs of hospitals and med-tech companies. We believe innovation occurs not only in products and technologies, but also in how these solutions reach their customers. Medivatus is opening up new channels for medical technologies to reach patients across Europe, through building new kinds of partnerships, and continuously adapting to the rapidly changing dynamics across the healthcare sector.

Medivatus is delighted to work with our new supplier-partner evonos, based in Germany. Evonos produces high-quality surgical implants, instruments and equipment for neurosurgeons.

Evonos design their products according to what surgeons need in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients. evonos won the German Innovation Award 2020 and the German Design Award 2020 for its neurosurgery head rest system evoBase. We look forward to helping neurosurgeons in hospitals across Scandinavia to access evonos’ range of neurosurgical solutions.

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