Medivatus did not set out to be just another niche medical device distributor. Our goal was to develop an alternative to the broken traditional model; to disrupt the status quo and deliver great products that add real value for our customers and their patients.


We help healthcare providers deliver better healthcare to more people, more cost-effectively.

We offer an alternative to the traditional distributor model, based on a true partnership with our customers, and a growing network of innovative technology providers.


We enable new suppliers to operate more effectively and access new healthcare markets by simplifying the procurement process and creating transparency for both hospitals and suppliers.


In 2016, our founders started with a blank canvas and sought to answer: how and why would new, medium-small medtech companies want to sell their innovative products in a small but highly developed, low-priced yet expensive, commercially uninteresting yet increasingly challenging market? With intense competition amongst the Big Players, who find it tough enough themselves, the easy answer was that they shouldn´t. At least not in the traditional way. There must be a smarter way…


There is!


Today, Medivatus is disrupting monopolies, challenging the status quo, introducing new, high quality medical devices that all add real value to our amazing, world-class social healthcare systems that we are all so fortunate to benefit from.


We understand medical technology. Our team has first-hand experience shaping successful sales and marketing strategies for leading MedTech companies. We also know that nothing stands still. So as the med-tech sector has evolved, we have too. Our fundamental belief is that we can do things differently. We aim to add value by introducing new, innovative suppliers to our markets, and by finding more effective ways to access the best technologies.